The Stuff You Need At the Price You Set. 

Welcome to Rasmus Auctions! Since 1975 we have been connecting sellers with the buyers who want stuff. Whether you are new to online auctions, or just new to Rasmus, we are excited to help you get the stuff you want at the price you set. 

Our online auctions are straightforward. We have thousands of sellers who need to sell, and hundreds of thousands of buyers who want to buy. Every online auction provides an opportunity for 1,000’s of items to be exchanged in a short time with a single transaction, convenient sale, and pickup. 

At Rasmus, every item starts at zero or a dollar and the buyer willing to pay the most for an item wins. 

We have the most stuff with 50-80 auctions online right now. On any day we could be selling a restaurant in Virginia, an estate in Maryland, New home furnishings from a store in Washington, DC, or contractor tools from a business in Delaware. 

We sell for individuals, estates, businesses, banks, attorneys, courts, liquidators, dealers, and the list goes on and on. Each seller has their own reasons to auction and specific requirements which dictate the time, method and schedule for their sale and removal. That’s what makes Rasmus Auctions exciting, they are always authentic and unique opportunities with a beginning, a middle, and an end. We set the details and you get to set the price!

If you are an online auction pro and just new to Rasmus Auctions, allow us to introduce ourselves.

Rasmus Auctions provides one of the best online auction buying experiences in the industry and we are more than just an online auction site. Rasmus is an innovative marketplace full of buyers, sellers, and stuff. We have the most auctions, we have the best auctions, we are predictable, we are authentic, we are trendsetters, and we are fair and kind.

We believe auctions are fun and don’t have to be an unexpected grab bag of an experience.

We’re honest, and we put the buyer first to try to make the bidding experience as predictable as possible. We hope everyone gets a great deal. That’s why we aren’t focused on individual prices and work to bring you the most valuable content possible.

When both our buyers and sellers are happy, we call that a win/win/win. It’s a win for the buyer, the seller, and the auctioneer. Ready to get started? Register for an account below.

How to Bid at Online Auction

Bidding at online auction is easy. There are just a few simple steps to follow:

  1. Browse the site and find some stuff and auctions you find interesting.
    You never need an account to see all that Rasmus is currently offering.
  2.  Set up an account. 
    Enter your mobile phone number to set up and validate your account with us. You only have to do this once, and we will never share your information.
  3. Register to bid. 
    When you are ready to start bidding, you have to register for EACH auction. Make sure you read important dates like the preview, auction closing and pickup times and get familiar with the auction terms before you bid.
  4. Interactive Bidding 
    This is the fun part! Bid only on the items you are serious about winning, and make sure to check your email for notifications like when you are outbid by another bidder.
  5. Optional Presale Inspection 
    If you want to see the stuff in person, this is your chance!
  6. Auction Closing & Payment
    Payment occurs as soon as the auction closes and the full amount of your purchases is charged to your card on file.
  7. Schedule Pickup
    You will schedule your pickup time within the dates and times provided.
  8. Pickup Your Items 
    Pickup your items at your scheduled time and date and make sure you are prepared to deinstall or move items as needed!
  9. Share your Experience
    Tell a friend, write a review or refer us to a possible seller, Most of our auctions are referrals from buyers and sellers. We will happily pay a 20% referral fee for your leads!
  10. Enjoy Your Stuff & Bid Again!
    Start back over at step 1 and find more stuff you like!

The Online Auction Bidding Process 

How Do Online Auctions Work?

Everyone has a part to play in online auctions for a Win Win Win.


Rasmus auctions are real liquidations by real sellers with real problems to solve. Buyers are an integral part of the solution. This is why sellers may require that times and dates change, items may come and go, and their auctions will have particular details and requirements surrounding pickup.



Buyers get great deals, and in exchange, we ask that you do a couple of things. Because the Seller sets the rules, the Buyer gets to set the price. It’s easy, read the details of the sale and bid accordingly! 


The auctioneer helps solve the seller’s problem and provides buyers with the stuff they want. Rasmus gets the sales that other auctioneers don’t because we are willing to work with the seller to get it done on their terms. Our job is to make sure you are comfortable and confident with your auction experience. We work hard to assure the stuff you are bidding on is described properly and when the auction closes, the pickup process is as smooth and predictable as possible. We’re also here to provide support throughout the bidding process.

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Buyer Rights & Responsibilities

Rasmus Auctions gets the deals others auctioneers don’t get because we are willing to work with the seller to get it done on their terms. This is why we may change the dates, inventory, specifications and more during the sale. 


  • Buyers get to set the price, and everything starts at $0 or $1.
  • We will work hard to provide good descriptions and photographs. We want you to feel comfortable and confident. Read the terms regarding representations.
  • Bid on any and all auctions that you are interested in.
  • If you have the highest bid when the auction clock runs out, you won that item.
  • We can’t see your max bids, and we do not tolerate price manipulation. If items are subject to an opening bid, minimum bid, or reserve bid, we will provide the details in the terms of sale.
  • You select your preferred pickup time from the pickup calendar.
  • You are not anonymous, we have relationships with each other. You have a voice, and that voice matters.
  • We are all human beings and business professionals, you deserve to be treated with respect, kindness, and consideration.


  • Only bid on items you are serious about winning. If you win an item, you took it from someone else.
  • Don’t bid more than you can pay with your card on file as soon as the auction ends.
  • Read the terms including the pickup times and any special instructions before bidding to ensure you can comply with them.
  • Be kind, and come prepared to follow the rules. Make sure you are ready to do your part with proper tools, trucks, equipment and skills.
  • Come and get your stuff. If you buy it, you own it and if you don’t come and get it you abandon it and if you abandon it, you don’t get your money back.  Buyers who don’t do their part lose bidding privileges, and be charged a resale or moving, or salvage fee.
  • Understand it’s an auction, not a retail sale. We want everyone to get a great deal, and most will. You set the price, we set the rules. The terms of sale matter, so please bid accordingly.

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