Gaming FAQ’s

Introducing “Rasmus: The Game” 

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could earn extra prizes & benefits from your time spent bidding with Rasmus? Well now you can!

With Rasmus: The Game, you can earn coins, tokens, chances to spin the wheel, and even compete against other bidders to showcase your skills!

How do I play?

  1. Head on over to and select an auction that you would like to participate in.
  2. Make sure you have “Gaming enabled.” (You can double check to see if you have gaming enabled by checking on the left-hand side of the website under the section “Actions”)

Gaming is now enabled, allowing you to access the gaming interface, and earn coins based on your actions on the site!

What are coins?

Earning coins is the main objective of the game. You will earn coins throughout various different activities during the bidding process.

Users will be ranked on our Gaming Leaderboard based on the amount of coins they earn throughout the game.

High-ranking users will have access to exclusive prizes, unique opportunities, and more.

How do I earn coins?

coins are earned through various actions taken on individual items during an auction.

Listed below are the amount of coins awarded for a specific action on an item.


Winner: 50 coins

Backup: 50 coins

Thunder Bids: 30 coins

Max Bid: 20 coins

Bids During Closing: 5 coins  (a) – see below

Bids During Extension5 coins  (b) – see below

First Bidder: 5 coins

Normal Bid: 5 coins

(a) Bids that enter closing will have a 2X multiplier that will gradually increase to a 4X multiplier until it is sold.

(b) Bids during extension will have a flat 2X multiplier.

You can also earn coins through various activities on site that aren’t related to bidding.

Registering for an auction: 10 coins

Referring a friend: Amount varies on action taken

Introducing “The Wheel”

The wheel is a fun way to earn extra coins in the game!

When you spin the wheel, you will earn coins based on which amount it lands on.

You will randomly be granted access to the wheel throughout your time playing the game, and you can also access the wheel using an exclusive currency called tokens.

What are tokens and how do I earn them?

Tokens are the currency used to access the wheel. For each spin, it will cost one token.

You can earn tokens through 3 different activities within the game.

  1. Leaderboard Landmarks – unlock certain features, earn coins & tokens, and earn prizes as you progress up the leaderboard! (Coming soon!)
  2. Mission Board – grants the player weekly tasks to finish to earn extra coins & tokens! (Coming soon!)
  3. Weekly Check-In – log in and place a bid 5 days in a row to complete your streak and earn bonus coins & tokens! (Coming soon!)

Can I track how well I am playing compared to others?

When you enable gaming for an auction, a tab will appear in the bottom right hand side of the screen. 

This tab contains 2 leaderboards, one to track the current auction and another to track lifetime.