Some of our new clients may not know this, but Rasmus Auctions started out as traditional, fast talking, dog and pony show outcry auctioneers. While we love the ease, scale, and accessibility of online auctions, we miss the buzz of excitement with a crowd of bidders gathered together, bidding numbers clutched tight waiting for their item to come up to the podium for a chance to be the winner. 

Now with online auctions, bidders no longer have the chance to look around and size up the competition, guessing who might be their bidding opponent on that coveted item that they came and waited all day for, as they snack on their chips and hotdog they bought from the auctioneer’s 7 year old son. There is no bidder paddle to grip as you feel your hand keep raising up, with the impulse that it’s your turn to bid and to win the item that you already consider yours. 

We miss that excitement, and we know some of our bidders do too. Enter: Bidmoji™. What is Bidmoji™, exactly? It’s a lot of things, and nothing. Bidmoji™ puts you back into the auction experience that is a journey with other people and the goal is to win. 

Win what? Time will tell. Want to play the game? You probably already are. Take a look at the left hand sidebar on an auction landing page if you are a registered bidder and you might already have a score. Stay tuned for future updates on Bidmoji™.