JLR Auctions

Jason Hanks, Chris Rasmus and Ron Leftwich, Auctioneers.

Looking for JLR Auctions? You are in the right place.

Rasmus Auctions has recently acquired JLR Auctions after the passing of owner, friend and accomplished auctioneer Ron Leftwich. [Pictured on the far right with Rasmus Auctions owner Chris Rasmus (middle) and Cal Auctions owner Jason Hanks (left)].

Rasmus Auctions will now be powering the JLR Auctions and supporting the JLR team in this transition.

Ron (JLR Auctions) and Chris (Rasmus Auctions) became friends in the early 1980’s and remained so throughout their auction careers. Both were involved with the Virginia Auctioneers Association, with Ron focusing his business on estates, antiques and collectibles auctions in Culpeper, VA and Chris focusing on commercial assets in the DMV.

There are still tons of estate assets, antiques, and collectible treasures to be found – be sure to browse our estate sale online auctions in Virginia and contact us if you have any questions.