Hiring has been an ongoing issue within every industry. Location, transportation, availability, training, and reliability are just some of the many issues that companies face today. In 2020, unemployment rates were at an all time high at 14.7%. Changes needed to happen, and fast. The principles of Rasmus Auctions carefully considered each one of these challenges and thus came up with the concept of “I-Staff”. 

The letter “I” in I-Staff is collection of different ideas but mostly derives from the words “immediate” and “independent”.

I-Staff employees are independent contractors and predominantly work on-site. They are trained in cataloging inventory, inspections, auction pick ups, project triages, and customer/client relations. One day may consist of cataloging an entire mansion in Great Falls, VA, the next day employees might find themselves at a saw mill in downtown Baltimore. Each day is different, each customer creates a new relationship and the assets never stay the same.

The attraction in this model lies within the concept of working when you want, where you want. No one person is willing to drive any distance necessary (that is unless you find a diamond employee)! To align ourselves with this notion, Rasmus hires I-Staff all across the DMV, strategically concentrating on the areas in which most jobs take place. The Fredericksburg employees work in Fredericksburg, the Arlington employees work in Arlington and the West Virginia, employees work in West Virginia. 

If you are familiar with our business model, you are aware of the concept of client managed sales. To keep brand awareness and the relationship between the client and buyers strong, a Rasmus representative is needed at each auction pick up and I-Staff employees are the perfect fit. 

We know that for many of our I-Staff employees, Rasmus is a stepping stone for further employment aspirations, and we embrace this. These associates are given the knowledge and tools to build their own success, to lead them to whatever path they may take. We have established some long lasting relationships and continue to grow everyday. 

Once a month we conduct our I-Staff breakfast at Moe’s Peyton Place located in Springfield VA. We share stories, go over policies, eat great food, and get to know one another. Rasmus is constantly looking for the best and brightest to assist us when you want, where you want. Do you have what it takes? If so, submit your application today. Apply to join I-Staff.