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Unlock unprecedented value by selling your restaurant equipment through our dynamic online auction platform. Maximize your returns and effortlessly liquidate surplus assets – list your items with us today and watch your restaurant equipment find its new home with eager buyers, and turn your equipment into cash in as little as 7 days. Request a complimentary valuation. 

Want to sell your restaurant equipment at online auction? You are in the right place. 

Rasmus Auctions has over 29 years of experience selling restaurant equipment in the Washington DC metropolitan area and beyond. We help connect restaurant buyers and sellers across the country for everything from used kitchen equipment to catering and hospitality equipment, hotels, restaurant furnishings, fixtures and more. We offer multiple sales models to accommodate your needs and timeframe. 

Maximize sales for your used restaurant equipment 

With over 650 online auctions a year, Rasmus Auctions is the ideal place to sell your catering, restaurant, and hospitality equipment online. Our process helps you to maximize the return on your items. Each item is sold individually in a competitive online auction marketplace. 

Some tips to maximize your return on your restaurant and hospitality equipment include: 

  • Photographing the assets onsite and in-place.
  • Keeping items clean and organized
  • Allowing 5-7 days online to promote the sale
  • Accurate item descriptions and dimensions

Whether you are looking to liquidate one or multiple locations, sell certain assets to right-size, or  make a complete liquidation in just a few days, Rasmus has a solution that will work for you. Our flexible approach to restaurant and hospitality equipment sales allows us to work with you to fit your location, needs, budget, and timeframe. 

Fully Managed Restaurant Liquidation Solution 

Who it’s perfect for: 

  • Sellers want to assure their assets are presented in the best possible way with time to maximize online presence, marketing opportunities, and sales. 
  • Sellers who have assets to sell but not the time to self-manage inventory and the removal of their assets. 
  • Sellers who need a quick turnaround and complete liquidation solution

We offer a fully managed solution where the Rasmus team comes in and does a full evaluation and identification of your restaurant and hospitality assets. We go through each item from walk-ins to prep tables, hoods, ovens, grills, dining tables and seating, dishes, servingware, and glassware, furniture, A/V and decor and measure, count, photograph, and describe each item to present the most accurate and complete information possible to potential buyers. There’s no moving, hauling, describing or counting on your part. 

Your assets then go online for sale. During this time we may also conduct a pre-auction inspection allowing potential buyers to come view your assets in person prior to purchasing.  

When the auction is over, we come back in and manage the removal from start to finish including scheduling buyers for pickup and ensuring that each person takes home exactly what they purchased online. Your only job is to make sure everything stays in place while the auction is online.

You can continue to operate as normal during right up to the day of the asset removal.

With all of our models, once the sale is complete and the buyers have all come and gone, you get payment for your sale and happy buyers get your restaurant equipment. 

Seller-Managed Restaurant Sale Solution 

Need to sell your restaurant equipment fast and reduce the cost of sale? This is a great solution for those on a tight timeframe or who can self-manage their identification and removal saving significant costs.

Who it’s perfect for: 

  • Sellers looking to save money on fees 
  • Restaurant owners with a super tight turnaround time 
  • Those looking to sell only select kitchen, restaurant or hospitality equipment to make room for new items, relocate, or right-size. 
  • Sellers who need flexibility to prepare on their own time-line.

Approximately 40% of our auctions are client-managed. The process is straightforward and efficient. We provide you with an online app to easily identify and photograph your items. Rasmus leads you through the process so you have a quality outcome.

Hybrid Rasmus and Seller Managed Restaurant Sale Solution 

Who it’s perfect for: 

  • Sellers with a few team members who can assist with the identification or removal process under Rasmus supervision to offset the cost of sale.

Our hybrid solutions offer sellers the opportunity to utilize the Rasmus team for just the parts of the online auction process that they don’t want to or feel comfortable managing. This can mean that the Rasmus team comes in and does the full identification of assets and puts them online then the seller manages the removal of items or vice versa and the seller does the complete inventory and catalogs all items and Rasmus comes in to manage the removal process. We work with you to find a solution that fits your needs. 

Rasmus has over 180,000 registered bidders and over 650 auctions each year. Our online auction model allows us to get your restaurant equipment in front of thousands of buyers in a matter of days. Our reputation for integrity, innovation and quality content assures you get the widest exposure and participation from the best buyers to maximize your recovery.

The process is flexible and allows us to work with you to get your restaurant equipment sold quickly with no hassle. Online auctions are especially beneficial to restaurant liquidations because your assets only need to be for sale online for a few days to achieve success. Your restaurant can continue to operate without interruption right up until the day before the scheduled pickup. In this seller-supervised model you do the full inventory and cataloging of items, send it to us and we put it online. The seller then manages any in person inspection and buyer pickup using our online app. 

Once everything is picked up by happy buyers you get paid!

Rasmus makes selling your restaurant and hospitality equipment easy and profitable. 

No matter what model you choose to sell your restaurant equipment, our buyers include everyone from restaurant operators, catering companies, rental businesses, night clubs and bars. church groups, schools, fire stations, theaters and venues,, anyone that could possibly want or need foodservice, catering or hospitality equipment. It’s not just B2B! The Rasmus difference is our experience, buyer base, and reputation. There’s a reason why we have buyers and sellers that have been with us since our live auction days back in the 80’s. You don’t have to hear it from us, check out our hundreds of 5-star reviews on Google from happy buyers and sellers. See the restaurant auctions that are selling online now here. 

Contact us today to see why hundreds of hospitality businesses choose our unique model to maximize their return with a fast, low impact approach and schedule a complimentary no-contact consultation. 

Steps to a Successful Online Auction



Is it net sales? A clean space? Discretion? Fast clear out?

Let us know up front. 



Tell us about your stuff! And tell us what you have in terms of time, restrictions, and resources. 



We’ve got an approach to suit whatever your needs are, and you don’t have to figure out what it is on your own. We will chat with you and help determine a clear path forward. 



We have a specific process your sale will follow that we have honed over the last 30+ years. 



Place your trust in Rasmus, the science behind online auctions, our knowledge of stuff and how to sell it, and the bidders to make your sale a success. 


Our reputation for authenticity, trustworthiness and performance combined with the largest number of auctions on the east coast assures that your sale reaches its full potential.

Trust in the auctioneer. Rasmus already has the trust of over 180,000 buyers, because we’ve been consistently providing great stuff and experiences for over 30 years. 

We’re in this together. We make money when you make money, so rest assured that we do all we can to make sure each sale is a success.

There’s a reason we do 950+ auctions a year. Because we’re the best in the business. 

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