Restaurant equipment is one of the most popular commodities at public auction.

Each year hundreds and hundreds of restaurant and hospitality auctions are completed online.

Every item sells at auction from decor to major equipment, small wares, food and beverage inventory.

Online auctions are uniquely adapted to restaurant liquidations as your assets only need to be available online for a few days to achieve success. You can continue to operate right up until the day before the scheduled pickup.

The key to success is credibility and authenticity. Your liquidator must be highly rated with a reputation for honesty, authenticity, credibility, and performance. Auction buyers routinely purchase at auction throughout the year. If buyers trust your liquidator, they will bid with passion. Alternatively, if your liquidator does not have a reputation for trustworthiness and service, buyers will avoid the auction and you will attract only dealers who are seeking the lowest price.

You can choose a full-service approach and everything can be completed in just a few day. Some sellers choose a “client supervised” approach where they prepare their own inventory and photos using an app then self-manage the removal. This approach can save the seller money in fees and provide a superfast response.

Either way, you can assure you will get both top dollar and a complete solution if you choose the right liquidator.

Similar to a surgeon, builder or lawyer, a liquidator provides a professional service, and quality matters.

You want your auction to with the liquidator who is the busiest, biggest, most highly rated and trusted. That’s how you get the most buyers,best prices, and most predictable outcome. It’s not about what the liquidator makes, it’s about the success of the outcome. Hire the best, you will never be disappointed.