Rasmus Auctioneers is competing in the Washington Business Journal’s Social Madness Competition in the large category and we need your help!

photo from The Business Journals
photo from The Business Journals

We need our social media friends to engage with us more than ever!

Help us get to the next round by clicking HERE, choosing the large category, and voting for Rasmus Auctioneers.

You have to register your e-mail address with the Washington Business Journal to vote (it is quick and easy), but once you do that just turn that blue “Vote” button to a green check mark next to Rasmus Auctioneers’ name and we will be on our way to the top 8 competitors from the DC area! You can also help us to get ahead by engaging with us on social media my commenting on, liking or sharing our Facebook posts, re-tweeting us, or following us on LinkedIn.

Why the large category you ask? Though we are a small, family run business we are in the large category because of the great followers that we have on social media. We truly appreciate everyone that engages with us and we are always trying to put out new and interesting information. We love to start conversations and see what others have to say on our Facebook, LinkedIn and twitter.

We are competing against some big national chains with huge followings but we know our followers and advocates will come through and vote for us!

The national winner of the Social Madness Competition gets a 10,000 donation to the charity of their choice, as well as of course the notoriety that comes with being the social madness champ!

Vote for us!

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Let the Social Madness begin!