Now that we have fully transitioned to our new bidding platform and web build, we are going to restart providing information regarding our technology, process of opportunities.

You might notice some features that are a bit wonky. For instance, we are testing new google technology that tries to guess what a picture’s subject is to create categories with machine learning.

We run our photos through this technology and Google tries to figure out what it’s looking at. Sometimes a photo of a refrigerator may be defined as an appliance, fixture, refrigeration or kitchen equip. It’s all experimental, and in exchange for the results being unpredictable, we test the technology to create useful features for the future.

If you have been participating in any of our 40+ auctions completed during COVID since middle March 2020, you have used our newest self-service pickup application. We are having our Sellers who are self-managing their removals use our app as well so you have faster, touchless pickups and your receipts stay current in real-time.

Lots of exciting developments are in play. Look for frequent posts here regarding our new developments and initiatives.

See you online!