You may or may not have seen the countdown on facebook, but some big changes are coming to rasmus.corn and one of them is the reveal of our brand new logo. That means that we will be saying goodbye to our long-time logo, the Rasmus juggler. Ever wondered just why we had that juggler in the first place? Well before he goes, let us tell you the story of the juggler.
Many years ago, back when Rasmus was still in the live auction business and just getting started our CEO Chris and his right hand man our On-Site Sates Director Scott were on a Flight back to DC from California. Being that they had a long flight and a Few drinks, they got to thinking that Rasmus Auctioneers was in need of a logo. They started brainstorming and found themselves asking the question, “What does Rasmus do?”. The answer came out to be that they juggle a wide variety of assets all the way through the auction process