Current Technology Liquidations

Almost all businesses require some technology assets to function. From HD monitors to laptops, speakers, projectors and more. Why pay full price for each individual item your home or business needs when you can shop technology liquidations daily? Just click below to see the current technology assets available at auction. No shipping delays or supply chain issues here!

Shop for Technology Assets at Online Auction

The items change all the time, so if you don’t see what you are looking for, be sure to sign up for our text alerts below! We promise that Macbook will come available soon! New companies are liquidating their technology assets all the time, providing more opportunities for buyers like you.

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New to Online Auctions? Here’s How to Get Started Bidding

Bidding at online auction is easy. There are just a few simple steps to follow:

  1. Browse the site and find some stuff and auctions you find interesting.
    You never need an account to see all that Rasmus is currently offering.
  2.  Set up an account. 
    Enter your mobile phone number to set up and validate your account with us. You only have to do this once, and we will never share your information.
  3. Register to bid. 
    When you are ready to start bidding, you have to register for EACH auction. Make sure you read important dates like the preview, auction closing and pickup times and get familiar with the auction terms before you bid.
  4. Interactive Bidding 
    This is the fun part! Bid only on the items you are serious about winning, and make sure to check your email for notifications like when you are outbid by another bidder.
  5. Optional Presale Inspection 
    If you want to see the stuff in person, this is your chance!
  6. Auction Closing & Payment
    Payment occurs as soon as the auction closes and the full amount of your purchases is charged to your card on file.
  7. Schedule Pickup
    You will schedule your pickup time within the dates and times provided.
  8. Pickup Your Items 
    Pickup your items at your scheduled time and date and make sure you are prepared to deinstall or move items as needed!
  9. Share your Experience
    Tell a friend, write a review or refer us to a possible seller, Most of our auctions are referrals from buyers and sellers. We will happily pay a 20% referral fee for your leads!
  10. Enjoy Your Stuff & Bid Again!
    Start back over at step 1 and find more stuff you like!

The Online Auction Bidding Process 


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